Prospecting and Equipment Photo's

More Prospecting and equipment photo's will be added as I make  more trips to the
Gold producing areas of the U. S. and build more equipment. I prefer to make my own
equipment simply because I have the time to do it and enjoy the challenge.

The plans for the drywasher project were included in the book "The Art of Drywashing,
Finding Gold in the Desert".  The book is still available and sources can be found by typing
the name into your favorite search engine. I found the plans to be somewhat vague in certain
areas and lacking some measurements for components. Anyone who has seen a drywasher in
operation and knows how the mechanics work and how it processes the material probably would
not have any trouble building from these plans, but someone who has never been around a
drywasher may have some problems. This is just my observation from building my drywasher.


Major parts for the Dry Washer

The hopper box

Side view of the hopper box

The frame for the bellows and crank mount

Bottom of the bellows board w/1 1/2" holes

Inside of bellows board w/innertube valves

Top of riffle tray showing riffles

Bottom of riffle tray w/ cloth glued on

Large pulley & mounting bracket

Crank & pulley assembly

Plates for bracing legs

End view showing the riffle tray in place

Showing the leg braces & crank assembly

Dry Washer w/pulleys & belt installed

The material feed gate & handle

The bellows and lower crank arm

Photo of the riffle tray hold down lever

Drywasher with expanded metal screen & tin guard

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