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"Lucky Lindy Finds A Hole"
Robertson Aircraft Corp. DH-4 mailplane - Charles A. Lindbergh, Pilot
Painted by Raymond D. Crane
SPORT AVIATION magazine back cover, January 1989
Ever since seeing the movie "The Spirit of St. Louis" many years ago, I've had an interest in learning all I can about the early Air Mail Pioneers of the 1920s, and in particular the CAM-2 airmail route flown by Charles Lindbergh as Chief Pilot for the Robertson Aircraft Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri.  Over the years I've collected a few pictures of the CAM-2 operations, and I am sharing them on this web site.  If you have additional information or pictures on this subject, please consider sharing it on this web site.  Contact me at          Sincerely, Mike Gretz

More Pictures ... DH-4
Robertson Aircraft Corporation

The Birth of CAM-2

Lambert Field

Robertson DH-4 Artwork
Movie CAM-2 DH-4

Later Robertson DH-4 NC-3857

Lindbergh Hits The Silk...Twice!
September 16, 1926
November 3, 1926
Lindbergh grounded?
Who was William P. MacCracken?

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